Aesthetic Dermatology - Laser Applications
FotoFinder Vexia 1000 Digital Dermatoscopy System

The Dermatology Center has the most modern and reliable system of skin lesion and nevus (mole) examination in the world, the FotoFinder Vexia 1000.

With the digital dermatoscope it is possible to diagnose conditions, such as malignant melanoma as well as non-melanoma skin cancers. Its use is also important when examining lesions of skin components, such as hair and nails.

The new mapping system combines an updated image version, the FULL HD Medicam 1000s, new software as well as an advanced integrated analysis program.

Digital dermatoscopy with the new FotoFinder Vexia 1000 documentation system delivers:

  • Detailed documentation of skin lesions – nevi.
  • Early detection of new skin lesions – nevi.
  • Ability to save mapping results for future use/review. Useful tool for comparing old and new lesions, as well as detecting indistinguishable changes in preexisting lesions.
  • Systematic follow-up of clinical findings in the context of scheduled skin screening.

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